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We just launched a new eBook! And you can get it for FREE!

This is the beta format of "101 way to practice Kali Sikaran on your own" and before its finalized and distributed through other channels you can get it for free. We want to support the community during the COVID-19 challenge where many of us don't have access to the regular gym or might even be locked up at home.

It's a list of 101 different exercises that can be done alone or with little assistance depending on what's your circumstances. Many of them are quite similar but still valuable to get more ideas on how to practice alone and choose a different focus for different skills and levels.

If you didn't start Kali Sikaran in a gym you probably started something on your own and many instructors had to do a lot of Solo practice before the could organize their own group.

We hope that you find these helpful and inspiring during these strange Corvid 19 times.

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