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Xmas Greetings from Kali Sikaran

This Christmas, may your training in Kali Sikaran serve as a reminder of the strength and flexibility you've cultivated throughout the year. Like the art itself, our lives are a continuous journey of learning, challenges and growth.

🌟 As we celebrate Christmas and the holidays, let us extend our hand in friendship and unity. May the principles of practice guide you not only in martial arts but in your everyday life, promoting understanding, and harmony among all. Together, we can create a world where respect and compassion prevail.🌟

🎁 As you spend quality time with loved ones this Christmas, remember the strong foundation you've built through Kali Sikaran and the incredible potential it holds for personal and collective transformation, especially in empowering you to defend yourself and others. 🎁

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with passion, joy, and the spirit of Kali Sikaran. May your journey be ever-evolving and your heart forever open to the lessons it brings.

With gratitude and respect,

Johan Skålberg

🥋 Kali Sikaran International Founder 🥋

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