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We are thrilled to announce the eBook! "101 Ways to Practice Kali Sikaran on Your Own" - an opportunity all for free! We aim to nurture our community by providing valuable resources during times when regular gym access might not be possible.

This eBook comprises a list of 101 unique exercises that can be performed solo or with minimal assistance, depending on your personal circumstances. While some may appear similar, each exercise provides a fresh perspective on solo practice, allowing you to choose and focus on varying skills and levels.

Whether you started Kali Sikaran in a gym or on your own, this eBook will be an invaluable tool.

Most instructors can attest to the value of intensive solo practice before they could organize their own group.

We sincerely hope that you find these exercises both helpful and inspiring, and that they serve as a beacon of motivation during times when the gym isn't available or open.

The world of martial arts are huge and full of diversity. There are a wide range of different styles from different countries and different masters. Kali Sikaran has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years due to all the seminars before the pandemic but even more important all the online presence during the pandemic. Known for its fluid movements and structured concepts, Kali Sikaran has captured the interest of enthusiasts and practitioners around the globe. In 2023, the highly anticipated Kali Sikaran World Tour is taking place, bringing together martial artists from different countries to celebrate getting together again and have some fun on the mat. Here are some of the highlights from the first six months.

Kali Sikaran Winter camp at Kali Sikaran Oslo

Kali Sikaran Oslo has been very consistent in their club by organizing seminars every year. It's been participants from all clubs in Norway plus a couple of international guests as well.

Here's a short video from the event:

World Kobudo Convention 2023 redemption!

The last WKF convention in Vienna had to be canceled due to Covid 19 which was a huge disappointment for a lot of people. But that didn't stop the force of World Kobudo Federation. Last year they organized one of the biggest martial art event ever when hosting a 24 hour online event reaching out all over the world. Great promotion for Kali Sikaran to participate there. And this year most things are back to normal and the Convention where held in Quebec Canada. This event was HUGE!! Close to 1700 participants, 30 plus mats with nonstop action, demos, competitions and more. To say that the Kali Sikaran classes where busy is probably the understatement of the year. The classes where packed!!

If you haven't had the chance to join one of these event yet, put it on you To Do's!

WKF and Kali Sikaran
World Kobudo Federation and Team Austria

Kali Sikaran USA

After Canada there where ongoing seminars around New York state. It was really great to visit so many nice martial art dojos and meet all the enthusiastic instructors and practitioners. There's a big interest for Kali Sikaran and the Kali Sikaran program so the future is exciting. The whole trip ended up strong with the first official Kali Sikaran grading in Buffalo USA, the instructors done a great job to maintain consistency during the pandemic.

Kali Sikaran Buffalo
Kali Sikaran Grading

The Kali Sikaran World Tour continues and upcoming events will be posted on the page, stay tuned!

The Kali Sikaran Programs consists of six fundamental blocks and four additional blocks on the higher ranks. Altogether there's ten different blocks that serve different purposes in the practitioners development. Here's a short presentation of the different blocks.

At first that might just seem as an endless bunch of confusing techniques, and there's a lot of people that think Kali is very confusing. That's why the Kali Sikaran Programs is developed with just that in mind.

There are built in exercises and principles that bridges between the different blocks to make sure that the practitioner get more repetitions event though it's in different settings and different blocks. Eventfully it makes' more sense for the practitioner, the goal is to simplify the learning process and create less confusion.

To make the concept work it takes a qualified instructor that can teach the pedagogics and methodology properly. If not the programs will just be like any other program, just a bunch of confusing techniques. Hence the Kali Sikaran Instructor training program where we teach how to teach the program. And that's the path to true understanding of the Kali Sikaran Program.

When you know something so good that you can teach it to others, that's when you really know it for yourself!

"Teacher Teach me with Respect from My Heart"

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