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Leadership Team

Puong Guro - Johan Skålberg

Kali Sikaran International Founder


Johan Skalberg

Punong Guro Johan Skålberg founder of Kali Sikaran International and a very sought after seminar instructor and coach. Teaching tactical units, professional athletes, instructors and corporations all over the world.


Punong Guro Johan Skålberg started with Martial Arts 1973 and a journey of research, experiences and learning has become a passion and a lifestyle.

As an early FMA pioneer he introduced Kombatan, Inayan Eskrima and Kali Sikaran to Scandinavia and has promoted his knowledge within these arts all over the world. Today he mainly promotes his interpretation of these arts within Kali Sikaran International (KSI).

Lahong Guro - Heikki Martikainen "Chief at Arms"

Chief At Arms


Heikki Martikainen

Chief At Arms and Lahong Guro (7th degree black belt) in Kali Sikaran. A long time instructor and contributor to Kali Sikaran International, Lahong Guro Heikki now returns to Scandinavia to share his flavour of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Throughout his life he has travelled the world training martial arts with a multitude of Grand Masters, Masters and instructors to further enhance his knowledge base both for himself and his students.

Lahong Guro Heikki has many years of real life experience in the tactical field; a former Finnish Special Forces NCO he subsequently undertook a long career in law enforcement. He has trained military personnel and law enforcement officers in FMA and Combative methods in various countries. Before the end of 2019 he will have taught and trained in Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway promoting KSI. He has successfully created a strong following of KSI students in Australia where he has lived since 2011.

Katulungan Guro - Michael Santos


Michael Santos

Michael is currently working as a Custody Guard in the Norwegian Police force. Here he consistently uses the mindset and the the technical skills from Kali Sikaran in real life situations!

He started training karate in 1989.

In 97-98 he met Johan Skålberg in Norway, and was impressed by this amazing system.

The last 20 years Michael has been training and teaching Kali Sikaran around the world.

Michael has also trained with different martial artists, and different fillipino martial art systems, Thai boxing, grappling and so on.

Guro Michael Santos is a Kali Sikaran seminar instructor and a KSI club manager and has been running his own club for 12 years in Flekkerøy Norway.

In KSI Michael is one of the highest ranked guros in the system, and is passionate about helping people reach their next goal in Kali Sikaran.

For many years he teached self defense classes for students in high school. Next to being busy with the KSI club in Flekkerøy, Michael teaches self defense to his colleagues at work.

Michael has recently been focused on spreading KSI in Germany and helped opening 2 new KSI schools there.

In addition Michael organises Instructor camps in Skandinavia and Europe under Kali Sikaran International.

Black Belt in Karate

Apprentice instructor IMB — TacFit Instructor

Approved Close Quarter Combat Instructor for the Norwegian Military

Matthew Teasdale - Katulungan Guro


Matthew Teasdale

My passion is to teach and train martial arts and to inspire my students to live an Awesome life! I am constantly striving to develop my teaching methodology so I can give my best to my students.

I love being part of a group that doesn't take itself to seriously even though we are serious about training!


I have been training in a wide range of martial arts since my mother enrolled me in a Taekwondo class in 1992. I began teaching in 1997 and have been teaching as a full time career since 2001. I have been training and teaching Kali Sikaran International since 2004 and am very grateful to be able to teach this art all over the world and meet so many amazing and inspiring people!

Kali Sikaran International

Phase 9 Katulungan Guro - Johan Skalberg


Muay Thai

Instructor - Ron Balicki

Inosanto Kali: Associate Instructor Level 3 - Ron Balicki

Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan: Associate Instructor Level 3 - Ron Balicki

Mars MMA: Black Belt - Ron Balicki

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