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Panantukan the boxing method in Kali Sikaran, Kali Empty Hands!

Updated: May 25, 2022

The boxing method in Kali Sikaran is mainly emphasized for self defense. Even though the first punches and combinations might look like regular boxing it's not. The main differences are that in self-defense there is no ring, no judges and no weight categories to make the fight fair. Another big difference is that both punching and defending is not the same without gloves, there is no absorption and the hand can get injured quite easily.

What does all this mean for the practitioner, isn't boxing good? Boxing is very good and it's not easy to defend against a good boxer if you don't know what you are doing. That's the reason why we do a lot of "regular" boxing exercises in Panantukan at the beginning.

Boxing is good for timing, stamina and a lot more and when the student is ready for it, it's very honest in sparring. It's important to have a strong cross for every fighter and martial artist.

Panantukan in Kali Sikaran

So what's the actual difference between boxing and Panantukan?

The primary self-defense strategies in Kali Sikaran are three:

  1. Leave the situation in a safe way, if possible (might be running but not necessarily)

  2. Even out the odds with some kind of equalizer (some everyday object etc.)

  3. When option 1 & 2 isn't possible, defend yourself empty handed

What does these strategies actually mean, and why are they important for Panantukan?

  1. If there isn't something to gain and no ring to keep you safe you can't hang around for a couple of rounds. And the only judge you might see is in the court house. So strategy number one is the absolute best when possible, but you have to be proactive to make it work.

  2. To win over an opponent you have to be better technically and/or physically, preferably both. But in selfdefence that rarely happens, the attacker spots a victim that wont cause to much trouble or time. Hence the importance to equalize the odds. That might be striking with a cellphone to get more knockout power or a ballpen to discourage the attacker to continue.

  3. When boxing emptyhanded there are a couple of considerations to make. Where and how to hit for best result and to avoid ruin your own hands.

If you want to read more about Panantukan you can check out the PANANTUKAN eBook and Program here.

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