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Kali Sikaran Solo Practice eBook! Get it for FREE!

We are thrilled to announce the eBook! "101 Ways to Practice Kali Sikaran on Your Own" - an opportunity all for free! We aim to nurture our community by providing valuable resources during times when regular gym access might not be possible.

This eBook comprises a list of 101 unique exercises that can be performed solo or with minimal assistance, depending on your personal circumstances. While some may appear similar, each exercise provides a fresh perspective on solo practice, allowing you to choose and focus on varying skills and levels.

Whether you started Kali Sikaran in a gym or on your own, this eBook will be an invaluable tool.

Most instructors can attest to the value of intensive solo practice before they could organize their own group.

We sincerely hope that you find these exercises both helpful and inspiring, and that they serve as a beacon of motivation during times when the gym isn't available or open.

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