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Kali Self Defense Techniques in Kali Sikaran

When we talk about self defense there are many considerations, sayings and opinions. This post is not really addressing all that except what considerations to deal with in the Kali Sikaran training program.

First of all is rule number one "don't get hit" by positioning and getting out of the line of power. Preferably by good awareness, footwork and maybe some blocking empty handed or with an object. Doesn't have to be a stick, could be a bag or some kind of everyday object.

Secondly you want to be really good in managing the three different ranges. That means that you want to respond properly according to the range and the circumstances.

In self defense we are always number two since the one that begins are the attacker. And yes, sometimes the safest strategy is to start first but now we might save that topic for another post.

Another consideration is also that the defender most likely will be smaller and weaker since most scumbags are cowards. They are looking for easy targets with least resistance. That's why it's so important to be able to use any kind of object to equalize the odds. That could be your cellphone, bag or a chair. Whatever object that gives you more reach, striking power or cover.

In this video we share some examples of exercises in different ranges with an umbrella.

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