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How long is a Kali Stick? According to Kali Sikaran International.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The length of a Kali Stick (Eskrima and Arnis as well) is depending on many factors. There are some standards out there (about 26") that you will see when shopping in stores or at webshops.

More important than the actual length on the Kali Stick is that you understand the different ranges and how they can be dominated or mastered. When working or practising with a "regular" kali, arnis or escrima stick they are normally divided and later on merged into three different distances. Long range (Largo Mano), Medium range (Medio) and Short range (close quarter).

In this video we'll share some of the different aspect of these ranges.

The main objective here is to manage and be able to use the right measures according to circumstances and the situation. In Kali Sikaran that is normally practised in three different ranges in the weapon blocks and four within the empty hand ranges.

And even more important then just understanding the different ranges is how to switch fluently in between to be allrounder and functional no matter what. That is how the Kali Sikaran is designed to develop that skill more and more over time.

Kali Sikaran - Selfdefence with Confidence

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