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Kali Sikaran Nuremberg

Post SV Nûrnberg

Abteilung Ju-Jutsu/FMA

Kirchenberg 2-4

D-90482 Nûrnberg

+49 173 1526754

Class Schedule

Monday 8:30pm —  10:00pm

Thursday 6:30pm — 8:00pm



Andreas Hofmann

My path in martial arts began with Aikido and led via Ju-Jutsu to the FMA (Filipino Martial Arts).

In the Philippine martial arts I finally found what I was looking for a long time. And everything learned so far was not lost but could be perfectly integrated into the wonderfully flexible FMA and further developed in this symbiosis.

Again and again I attend seminars and trainers of different FMA styles or other martial arts. There is always something to learn …

It is important for me to test the learned for applicability. Therefore sparring and stressful situations play a big role in my training.

Often, realism and efficiency are equated with minimalism.
This development culminates today in the inflationary spread of much reduced self-defense systems.

In my opinion, this is also a questionable development in terms of the realistic applicability of martial arts techniques.

Sure, the base is the most important thing!

But a steadily increasing complexity of motion sequences and techniques over the course of the training teaches us a greater variety of reactions and actions in realistic scenarios.

Constantly increasing complexity increases our variability and multiplies our options!

And it continually increases the positive stress in training, which in turn leads to more serenity.

These are the FMA and I love them 

I am not a big friend of documents and long histories.

Nothing replaces the personal conversation and personal experience to assess what is taught and how it progresses personally. Those who spend a few years in the martial arts will agree with me that graduations and licenses are ultimately not decisive.

Since these data are just expected and serve for orientation, finally mine.


  • Madunong Guro (2nd Dan) Kali Sikaran International

  • Lakan Tatlo (3rd Dan) in Filipino Fighting Arts

  • Level 4 Estilo de Fondo at Bahala Na Giron Arnis Escrima

  • Phase 5 in IKAEF

  • 1. Kyu (Brown Belt) in Ju-Jutsu (DJJV)

  • 2. Kyu (Blue Belt) in Aikido (Kobayashi Aiki-Osaka)

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