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Kali Sikaran Norrtälje


Gustaf Adolfs väg 53 761 42 Norrtälje

+46 702 84 95 65

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Peter Enbom - Club Trainer


Peter Enbom

I began training boxing in 1978- 1981. There after I found sport karate which evolved into Kick boxing 1981- 1987.

After that I was training in traditional Karate from 1991- 1994. It was in 1995 the I saw Filipino martial arts for the first time (Latosa Eskrima) and I was completely hooked!

I trained diligently and competed a lot. And I successfully won two European Championship  and one first runner up 2 place.

 In 2000 i won the  Word Championship in stick fighting. After that I was looking for a new challenge and jumped over to MMA to compete professionally.

I am now back to full focus on Filipino Martial Arts with which I have had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines, Australia, Norway ,Sweden, Germany and Finland to teach FMA .

FMA has become a passion in life for me. And Since 2007 I have been involved in Kali Sikaran International.

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