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Instructor Training Program

Get Started Today With Your Own Kali Sikaran Group

There are many dedicated martial artists around the world who wish that they could lead a group of their own in the style of Kali Sikaran, but are not yet prepared to take the instructor test. If you are one of those dedicated martial artists then the Instructor Training Program is for you.


The idea behind the program is to support you in your quest to become a Kali Sikaran instructor by giving you permission to lead a group in our training methods and curriculum. We supply the most up to date techniques and training methods so that you can train with your partners in a manner that they improve and you improve to the point that you can take and pass the Kali Sikaran International instructor test.


I hope this program helps you to become your very best and that it will help you to attract quality training partners while allowing you to share and practice what you know. Whether you already own a school, or are part of a backyard group, Kali Sikaran International is here to help you reach your goal of being a High Performance practitioner and coach.


To apply for this program, see below.


How much training experience do I need to have?

As long as you want to train on a regular basis and improve and you are interested in sharing what you learn, you are a candidate for the program. Kali Sikaran can be learnt quickly for application but it still takes a lifetime to master.


​​​​​​​You can start teaching immediately after passing your signup. You will be listed on our website as an official group as soon as you qualify by our standards in understanding, loyalty and respect. 

Included in your membership:

  • Instructor Training Program T-shirt (after successful first grading)

  • Access to train, learn and teach KSI programs

  • Access to buy and sell programs for your students

  • Access to buy and sell T-shirts for your students

  • Instructor Documents

  • Club manager forum

Best Value

Instructor Training Program



Every month

Get started to become a Kali Sikaran Instructor!

Valid until canceled

Learn directly from the founder, Punong Guro Johan Skålberg

Weekly Technical Videos

Weekly Q&A

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