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Kali Sikaran Belgium

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Tim Iliaens - Club Trainer


Tim Iliaens

It was 1994 when I stepped into a martial arts club for the first time.

For a long time I wanted to do some kind of martial arts and it was my father who signed me up for an introduction lesson in the French Boxing art of Savate.


In 1999 I started to explore the world of Thai martial arts.

In the first phase I focused mainly on the ring sport. As I evolved, my interest progressed more the the old style of Muay Boran. 


In 2010 I met my brother-in-arms Matthew Teasdale at a seminar in Belgium.

We have always kept in touch and Matt has introduced me in his experience of Thai martial arts over the years.


It was Matt who introduced me to Kali Sikaran and Johan on a seminar in 2017.

I was immediately bitten by the Kali Sikaran International bug.

The system, the ideology, the teaching methods, the friendship and family feeling are indescribable.

I am very happy to be able to teach Kali Sikaran and help spread the bug to others!

I run my own private sports school in Belgium where I teach private one to one classes and mini group training.

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