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Kali Sikaran Bath
Lansdown Hall
All Saint's Centre
High Street

Class Schedule

Monday 7:30pm — 8:25pm & 8:30pm — 9:25pm

Thursday 7:30pm — 8:25pm & 8:30pm — 9:25pm

Harry Flexman - Madunong Guro


Harry Flexman

My martial arts journey started in 2004 with a Capoeira class which swiftly led on to training Mauy Thai Kickboxing.  Then, in 2006, I discovered the Filipino Martial Arts (“that stick twirling one”) via my main coach and influence: Matthew Teasdale of Team Phoenix Martial Arts.  I made the commitment, put in the hours, overcame plateaus and celebrated the breakthroughs.  As a result in 2017 I achieved Kali Sikaran Phase 7 (Madunong Guro), equivalent to 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Along the way I have continued training in Muay Thai, as well as Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Western Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling and (Maphilindo) Silat.  Additionally I have studied several verbal based street defence systems (Verbal Jiu Jitsu!) all of which I have used to enhance my personal expression of Kali.  I believe in taking what ‘works’ (for me) from other arts and incorporating them into a strong Kali foundation.  My aim is to teach my students skills that are real world applicable, and useful within their daily lives.

Martial arts are about more than just fighting techniques.  I strive continuously to develop my coaching and teaching methods to inspire my students to live their best lives.


Training in martial arts has given me deeper personal insight, and helped me rediscover inner confidence after set backs.


Consequently, martial arts have taught me how to be more resilient, and enabled me to better shape the life I am living today.  I strongly believe the knowledge that you can hold your own in combative situations, physical or otherwise, is truly empowering.  The fact you can do a cool looking takedown and a knock out strike is just an incredibly fun bonus

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