Kali Sikaran Newcastle
Class times
Tuesday: 730pm - 850pm
Wednesday: 600pm - 720pm
Thursday: 730pm - 850pm
Kali Sikaran Newcastle
Team Phoenix Martial Arts
51a Lime Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 261 0001



Matthew Teasdale

Katulungan Guro

My passion is to teach and train martial arts and to inspire my students to live an Awesome life! I am constantly striving to develop my teaching methodology so I can give my best to my students. 

I love being part of a group that doesn't take itself to seriously even though we are serious about training!


I have been training in a wide range of martial arts since my mother enrolled me in a Taekwondo class in 1992. I began teaching in 1997 and have been teaching as a full time career since 2001. I have been training and teaching Kali Sikaran International since 2004 and am very grateful to be able to teach this art all over the world and meet so many amazing and inspiring people! 

Instructor Ranks

Kali Sikaran International: Phase 9 Katulungan Guro - Johan Skalberg

Muay Thai: Instructor - Ron Balicki

Inosanto Kali: Associate Instructor Level 3 - Ron Balicki

Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan: Associate Instructor Level 3 - Ron Balicki

Mars MMA: Black belt - Ron Balicki

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