Upcoming Events
Sat, Apr 04
Kali Sikaran Helsinki
Matthew Teasdale Helsinki Seminar Weekend
Come join us for an amazing weekend of learning, training and fun!
Mon, Apr 27
Mandirigma Camp 2020
Fri, May 15
All Saints Centre
Kali Sikaran Bath Grading May 2020
Kali Sikaran International Grading Examiner: Matthew Teasdale Organizer: Harry Flexman
Sat, May 16
All Saints Centre
Kali Sikaran Seminar with Katalungan Guro M. Teasdale
Katulungan Guro Matthew Teasdale will be in Bath, UK to share his knowledge and passion of martial arts! Come join us for this rock and roll weekend packed with training, learning and lots of fun!
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