Kali Sikaran Svalöf
Class times
Tuesday: 730pm - 900pm
Thursday: 730pm - 900pm

Kadua Guro Henrik Carlsson
Heleneborgshallen 16

26833 Svalöv





Henrik Carlsson
Kadua Guro

Henrik is the head instructor of the club. He has the rank of Kadua Guro, Phase 6 and has been a KSI representative in the south of Sweden since 2005.
Henrik has an extensive martial arts background and has been teaching various arts since 1994. He has black belts in several styles and in his main style, Kempo,  he is ranked Renshi 5 Dan.


For over 20 years Henrik has worked as a law enforcement officer and currently works as a Deputy Marshall at the District Court in Lund.


The club is housed in a fantastic, newly built gym that the club was involved in the planning of, from the beginning until completion.

The club focuses on development of both physical and mental skills, dealing with challenges and having a good time.


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